Rooftop – Libelle © Leopold Museum, Wien


By the spring of 2020, the rooftop of the Leopold Museum will feature a new attraction: the MQ Libelle, affording breathtaking views over the heart of Vienna. The glass building, designed by Laurids Ortner, will encompass a 600-square meter event space. Eva Schlegel, a 1995 participant and 2011 commissioner of the Austrian contribution to the Venice Biennale, will design the glass façade, and Brigitte Kowanz, awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize for Fine Arts in 2009, will create a light installation. The MQ Libelle will be accessible to the public via outdoor elevators and, like the courtyards of the MuseumsQuartier Vienna, will invite visitors to linger without the pressure of having to consume anything. In addition, the multifunctional event space will be available for art and cultural projects as well as for rentals.

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