Libelle am Dach des Leopold Museum © Leopold Museum, Wien | Foto: Alexander Eugen-Koller


The MuseumsQuartier in Vienna has a new attraction – the rooftop of the Leopold Museum which was made accessible to visitors in 2020. Along with the “MQ Terrace”, the “MQ Libelle” – an event location measuring some 500 m2 – enriches the art and cultural space of the MQ. Designed by the MQ’s architect Laurids Ortner, the construction project features works by the artists Eva Schlegel and Brigitte Kowanz.

The project’s central element is the “MQ Libelle”, an event space of about 500 m2, which gives the impression of hovering above the rooftop. The glass construction was designed by Laurids Ortner who, together with his brother Manfred Ortner, was responsible for the major new buildings inside the MQ’s main courtyard (Leopold Museum, mumok, Kunsthalle Wien). His familiarity with the architecture of the MuseumsQuartier explains why the construction fits in so seamlessly with the area’s overall appearance.

The glass facade of the “MQ Libelle” was designed by Eva Schlegel, an artist who is renowned for her participation in the 1995 Venice Biennale and for curating Austria’s contribution to the 2011 Biennale. Another eye-catching feature is a light installation, made up of three illuminated circular elements, by Brigitte Kowanz. The artist was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize for Visual Arts in 2009 for her work with space and light.

The “MQ Terrace”, which is accessible to the public via an external lift, offers visitors to Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier a new panoramic view of the inner city. As in the MQ’s courtyards, the terrace’s seating accommodation invites visitors to linger without having to consume anything. Refreshments in the form of drinks and snacks are provided by a kiosk.

The multi-functional “MQ Libelle” is used for art and cultural projects and may also be rented for events by third parties. This rental income ensures that the 7.5-million-euro project will pay for itself in the long run. Existing budgets are not burdened by the project, which is financed in approximately equal measure by loans and reserve funds from income of the company MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH.

The opening, which had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place on 7th September 2020. 

The “Libelle” on the rooftop of the Leopold Museum is open to visitors from the beginning of April to the end of October.

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