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The idea for the Circle of Patrons (COP) was born of the understanding that the operation of a dynamic museum and the ability to purchase artwork depends, among other things, on sponsors. Its goal has been the establishment of a civically minded body of patrons who share the conviction that the Leopold Museum’s collection has established a significant identity in terms of art and cultural history, in order to raise awareness within society as a whole.

The Board of Leopold Museums´ Directors and Gen. Dir. Georg Pölzl, head of the Circle of Patrons Board, actively support this initiative.

Georg Pölzl (Head) – Sabina and Thomas ­Baumgartner-Parzer – Brigitte Bierlein – Harald Friedrich – Agnes Husslein-­Arco – Evi Höfer – Anna Jermolaewa – Martha Jungwirth – Christian ­Knobloch – Constantin Luser – Andreas and Ingeborg Pulides – Clemens Philipp and Katharina Schindler – Markus Schindler – Moritz ­Stipsicz – Karl-Heinz Strauss – Hans-Peter Wipplinger.

Circle of Patrons members enjoy unique art experiences all year round for special exhibitions and the permanent presentations of the Leopold Collection, as well as looks behind the scenes of museum operations and visits to artists' studios and private collections, art trips, and excursions.

  • Year-round art events such as invitations to exhibition previews and openings at the Leopold Museum, curator tours, matinees, visits to artists' studios and private collections, and the chance to participate in art trips and excursions.
  • Annual tickets for two persons, providing free admission to exhibitions, lectures, presentations, and matinees.
  • Receipt of one high-quality art print per year
  • Allotment of five guest cards per year
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Newsletter mailing

The annual Circle of Patrons contribution of EUR 3,000.00 is almost entirely tax deductible.

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