Please observe the following guidelines as well as all relevant legal provisions. By purchasing a ticket or entering the museum building, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these visitor policies. Visitors who violate the visitor policies, disobey the instructions of the staff and security/surveillance service, or violate legal provisions, may be expelled from the museum without any entitlement to a refund of the admission fee.

These visitor policies apply to all premises used by the Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung at Museumsplatz 1 (MuseumsQuartier), A-1070 Vienna. All persons visiting these premises are subject to these visitor policies. The staff of the Leopold Museum, especially the security/surveillance service, are in charge of ensuring that visitors adhere to these policies.


  • The prices of the Leopold Museum apply according to the current price lists, which are available at the cash desk and in the online ticket shop. These prices include the applicable value-added tax. Admission tickets entitle to a one-time entry to the exhibition premises during the currently valid opening hours. They become invalid upon leaving the premises. Reduced-price tickets can only be redeemed by persons who belong to the respective discount group. A corresponding ID must be presented at the ticket control. The purchase of tickets or admission to the museum may be denied due to capacity constraints.
  • The Leopold Museum may only be entered via the designated and, in accordance with requirements, approved entrances and driveways. External visitors without a valid admission ticket are only allowed access to all areas after prior registration with a visitor ID or with explicit permission from the management. It is not permitted to bring hazardous substances, weapons, ammunition, dangerous objects, and/or disruptive electronics, as well as liquids, into the Leopold Museum. Bringing animals into the Leopold Museum is not allowed, except for certified assistance dogs with a valid ID. The corresponding ID must be presented before entering the museum. Visitors may only use the designated museum spaces (exhibition rooms, restrooms, shop, café, foyer and atriums) and pathways. Crossing barriers or accessing technical rooms, offices, storage areas, etc. or temporarily closed spaces is prohibited. Access to all technical rooms is only granted to authorized personnel. Authorized personnel include the technicians of the Leopold Museum and individuals who have been instructed and authorized by them. Emergency exits may only be used in emergencies. All traffic routes, escape routes and exits must remain unobstructed. Furniture, chairs and benches must not be moved from their designated locations. The exhibition visit may be affected by setup and dismantling work in the exhibition rooms. Non-ticketed individuals are prohibited from entering the Leopold Museum outside of opening hours, unless they have made prior arrangements and obtained permission. The visitor policies also apply outside of opening hours, such as during events. Deliveries of any kind must be arranged with the Leopold Museum. Vehicles must not be parked in the outdoor areas.
  • The main entrance to the Leopold Museum is fitted with a EuroKey lock intended for wheelchair users. When used, the left door leaf automatically opens outside to the left. Within the building, the museum has wheelchair-accessible elevators. Wheelchairs can be borrowed for the duration of the visit, and prior registration is desired if a wheelchair is needed.
    The use of strollers in the Leopold Museum is allowed. For the care of babies and toddlers, please use the designated rooms on the ground floor.
  • The consumption of food and beverages is prohibited in the Leopold Museum. There is a strict ban on alcohol, except in Café Leopold and during events. Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes or e-pipes, is prohibited in all parts of the Leopold Museum. Drawing in the exhibition rooms is generally permitted. Only pencils and drawing pads (up to DIN A4 size) may be used for this purpose. The security staff may prohibit drawing during peak visitor periods.
  • Visitors are requested to hand in any found objects at the cash desk. These objects will be returned to their owners upon presentation of proof of ownership. Locked lockers are checked for contents after closing time. Items not collected from the cloakroom or lockers are handed over to the lost and found office. In case of lost or damaged keys and opening of locked lockers by the security/surveillance service, a fee of EUR 40.00 will be charged for cylinder replacement.
  • In the event of an announcement of a technical malfunction, or when instructed to do so by the security/surveillance service, the Leopold Museum must be promptly evacuated using the marked escape routes. Elevators must not be used in this case. Instructions from the security/surveillance service must be followed. In crisis or emergency situations, the security/surveillance service has the ultimate decision-making authority over visitors, staff of the Leopold Museum, as well as any external organizers, tenants/lessees and service providers. In the event of high visitor numbers, the security/surveillance service is obliged to temporarily deny further access to visitors. The security/surveillance service is authorized to expel visitors from the premises or impose a temporary or permanent ban in case of serious violations of these visitor policies or other unlawful or improper behavior. There is no entitlement to a refund of the admission fee. The Leopold Museum is under surveillance for security reasons, and it reserves the right to view these recordings if necessary and to comply with official requests to hand them over to authorities and courts. In the event of a pandemic, the museum will comply with the respective valid regulations of the Federal Ministry. The fire safety regulations of the Leopold Museum apply. The fire safety regulations of the Leopold Museum apply. (Esp. what to do in the event of a fire: Stay calm! Immediately activate the nearest fire alarm or call the fire department on emergency number 122. Meeting point: Museumsquartier forecourt (garage exit))
  • Visitors are liable for all damage and consequential damage to the building, the artworks and to fixtures and movable furniture caused by them. Damage cases resulting from non-compliance with the visitor policies and/or legal regulations are subject to full personal liability. Touching and interfering with exhibits in any way is prohibited. Independent placement of objects of any kind in the Leopold Museum is also prohibited. Parents are responsible for their children. Children up to the age of 14 may only visit the Leopold Museum accompanied by an adult. Teachers are not relieved of their duty of supervision, responsibility and liability for the students entrusted to them during the visit. Posters and other announcements in or on the building may only be displayed at designated locations with prior approval from the management, by the staff of the Leopold Museum or authorized individuals.
  • Outerwear, umbrellas, walking sticks, non-medically justified walking aids, bags, school bags and backpacks above a certain size (see pictogram at the entrance) must be deposited at the cloakroom or locked in a locker. Larger luggage items (suitcases) can be deposited at the cloakroom depending on capacity. Acceptance of items at the cloakroom may be declined due to overcrowding. Bringing bicycles, kick scooters, motorized scooters of any kind, skateboards, roller skates, and/or tricycles into the Leopold Museum is prohibited. Removable batteries for electric motors may not be stored in lockers but must be left in the cloakroom (storage in the AkkuSafe). The Leopold Museum assumes no liability for the cloakroom. Depositing clothing and objects at other locations in the museum is not allowed. Non-compliance may result in a security response or removal of the object. The associated costs will be invoiced to the owner of the object that triggered the security response.
  • Photography and filming are permitted in the Leopold Museum until further notice. The capturing of exhibits or exhibition rooms, unless prohibited by signage, is allowed within the scope of fair use for private purposes only, and not for direct or indirect commercial purposes. The use of equipment such as tripods, selfie sticks or drones is not permitted. The use of flash photography is prohibited in the exhibition rooms. Requests for photo and film permits for journalistic or scientific purposes should be sent to, and for commercial purposes to The Leopold Museum is entitled at all times to make visual and audio recordings of its premises and visitors through its staff or companies commissioned for this purpose. By entering the Leopold Museum, you consent to the publication of such recordings for marketing purposes. This is without prejudice to your rights of objection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Tenants/lessees undertake to ensure compliance with these visitor policies. Further rules and conditions will be agreed upon in a separate event contract. In any case, tenants/lessees undertake to use all objects, rooms and items made available to them in accordance with their designated purpose, in a professional manner and with care. Tenants/lessees are liable for any resulting damage.

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