Arik Brauer


14th of November 2014 – 16th of February 2015

Arik Brauer, Arik Brauer in the Autumn © Private collection Arik Brauer

On the occasion of the artist’s 85th birthday the Leopold Museum is dedicating a comprehensive retrospective to the works of Arik Brauer. With 100 paintings, graphic works and sculptures, the exhibition presents a representative cross-section of Brauer’s works from his time as a student at the Vienna Academy to the present, featuring genres such as book illustrations, sculptures and architectonic designs alongside his paintings.

Celebrating his 85th birthday on the 4th of January 2014, Arik Brauer (born 1929) is one of the main representatives of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. After the war, Brauer studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and founded the group of Fantastic Realists together with Wolfgang Hutter and Rudolf Hausner as well as his fellow students Ernst Fuchs and Anton Lehmden. With his bizarre and fantastical shapes and unique manner of painting in the style of the Old Masters borrowing from medieval miniature techniques and oriental traditions, Brauer defied the mainstream of the strictly dogmatic art movements of post-war Modernism. Instead, he cultivated a style that was to once again capture the imagination and accommodate the art of storytelling and joy of invention. Arik Brauer has enjoyed great popularity all his life, not least on account of his multi-talent as a singer, songwriter, poet and dancer.


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