Koloman Moser, Inlaid Armoire from the Eisler-Terramare Apartment Bedroom, 1903 © Leopold Museum, Vienna, Inv. 4150

Koloman Moser, Inlaid Armoire from the Eisler-Terramare Apartment Bedroom

Up to the museum’s opening in 2001, this cabinet was used by Elisabeth Leopold, the wife of museum founder Rudolf Leopold, as her private wardrobe. It was originally designed and produced for the Eisler von Terramare residence, and it represented the first large order executed by the Wiener Werkstätte. This piece of furniture clearly exemplifies the philosophy of this production cooperative, according to which even everyday objects could become works of art by virtue of artistic design in combination with the careful selection of high-quality materials and perfect workmanship. The inlayed female figures on this cabinet wear lilies of the valley in their hair, an allusion to the favourite flower of the lady of the house. Kolo Moser’s design sketch for the inlays realized here even appeared on the first page of the well-regarded periodical Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration [German Art and Decoration]. To this day, Dr. Leopold has still not found an adequate replacement for this, her former wardrobe.


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