MAX PECHSTEIN, Still Life with Negro Statues | 1918 © Private collection/permanent loan from the Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf © Pechstein Hamburg/Tökendorf/Bildrecht, Wien, 2015

  • Pablo Picasso, Frau mit gefalteten Händen, 1907, Prêt du Musée national Picasso-Paris Foto: RMN-Grand Palais (Musée Picasso, Paris)/René-Gabriel Ojéda © Succession Picasso/Bildrecht, Wien, 2016
  • GURO, ELFENBEINKÜSTE | GURO, IVORY COAST, Mask | early 20th century © Private Collection, photo: Dorotheum Wien
  • Pablo Picasso, Study for the Head of "Nude with Drapery", 1907, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid © Succession Picasso/Bildrecht, Vienna 2016
  • BOBO-BWA, BURKINA FASO/MALI, Kuma Mask with Beak and Horns | 1st third 20th century © Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • MIDDLE SEPIK RIVER, NEW GUINEA, Ancestor Skull Overmodelled | c. 1900 © Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER, Chair with Large Nude on Backrest | c. 1921 © Sammlung E.W.K., Bern/Davos | Collection E.W.K., Bern/Davos
  • Dogon, Mali, Picoreurmask, 19th to early 20th century © Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • Lihir Island, New Ireland, Melanesia, Totok, ancestral figure, 19th to early 20th century © Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • Gefühlsflattern, Roberto Matta, 1946 © Sammlung Ulla und Heiner Pietzsch, Berlin
  • KOTA, GABUN, Mbulu-Ngulu, figure for a reliquary, 19th century © Leopold Museum, Vienna
  • Max Ernst, The Feast of the Gods, 1948, Museum moderner Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna; acquired in 1968 © Bildrecht, Vienna 2016/Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
  • Mirror Mask, Kader Attia, 2014 © Privatsammlung
  • NL Fremde Götter 4 © Leopold Museum, 2016
  • NL Fremde Götter 5 © Leopold Museum, 2016
  • PABLO PICASSO, Portrait of Fernande Olivier | 1909 © Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main © Succession Picasso/Bildrecht, Wien, 2015


Fascination Africa and Oceania

23.09.2016 - 09.01.2017

In the early 20th century European artists began to look to African and Oceanic forms of artisticexpression for inspiration. The oeuvre of Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani and others subsequently showed a radical transition from face to mask, while the German Expressionists from the artists' association "Die Brücke", such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Max Pechstein, were influenced beyond art and attempted a life reform. In the Surrealist visions of Max Ernst, Roberto Matta and Wifredo Lam the so-called "primitive" became a medium for exploring hidden realms of the unconscious mind.

The Leopold Museum presents its fascinating collection of ethnographica from faraway lands for the first time on a comprehensive scale. Carved objects collected over five decades by the museum's founder Rudolf Leopold enter into an animated dialogue with 70 select works of Classical Modernism from public and private collections. Additionally, the cultural relationship between previously colonized ethnicities and former colonial powers is elucidated in the oeuvre of the contemporary, French-Algerian artist Kader Attia.

Curators: Erwin Melchardt, Ivan Ristić

Kurier ©Kurier


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