The Present: What Now?

The exhibition of nominees of the Ö1 Talentestipendium 2021

28.10.2021 – 28.11.2021

Katrin Euller, Leftovers (Videostill), 2021 © the artist

The Ö1 Talentestipendium is awarded annually to a young artist with the support of the Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein. For the second year running, the Leopold Museum presents the works of five nominated artists who, with their different esthetic strategies, open up a broad spectrum of artistic and political discourse. Their advanced practices – situated between humanitarian commitment, historical reappraisal and reflections on man’s relationship with nature – illustrate the range of fascinations and spheres of activity of a new generation of artists. The artists' works, driven by personal stories, experiences and desiderata, invite an open questioning of the present: what now?

With works by Rosa Andraschek, Katrin Euller, Marko Kodžić, Michael Reindel and Hasan Ulukısa.

Curated by Philippe Batka


Rosa Andraschek, whose interest resides in historical structures, institutions and places where power is exercised, dedicates her art to past and present venues of hegemonic power. Her focus is on the stories and contingent events behind the ostensibly harmless, everyday subjects of her photographs.

Katrin Euller unites sound, film and text to create hybrid alliances of different genres. The images of her film works, which are reinforced by complex fabrics of sound, conjure a world shaped by decadence and alienation but also by a new solicitousness towards nature.

Marko Kodžić addresses the question how space – especially the experience of architecture – is constituted in our perception. Retracing recollections and initial experiences of the body, the painter reconstructs interiors and buildings that represent links to his cultural heritage.

Michael Reindel is interested in latent and overt structural asymmetries, which range from geopolitical dislocations all the way to manifestations in the art scene. The artist, who at times works in a union of joint authorship, uses mischievous humor to chip away at hieratic, institutionally consolidated structures.

Hasan Ulukısa’s art practice is closely linked to his humanitarian involvement. The artist is intrigued by political dynamics and fractures in public discourse, and aims to show the perspectives of refugees who have been left out of it.

Members of the Jury:

  • Philippe Batka

Curator Art Collections Vienna Insurance Group

  • Lucas Gehrmann

Curator Kunsthalle Vienna

  • Barbara Grötschnig

Head of Sponsorship and Art Management
Vienna Insurance Group

  • Karola Kraus

General director mumok Vienna

  • Michael Ladstätter

Head of Ö1 Communications

  • Karolina Radenković

Head of Galerie Fünfzigzwanzig

  • Hemma Schmutz

Art Director LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz

  • Anna Soucek

Radio Journalist Ö1

  • Hans-Peter Wipplinger

Director Leopold Museum Vienna


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