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Evening Packages


Experience the difference! Out of the opening times, the unique atmosphere of the museum is even more impressive and the evening gets unforgettable. Spend a wonderful evening and enjoy an exciting guided tour through the collection or the current special exhibtions.
The evening is topped off with an exclusive cocktail reception where we offer you champagne and a variety of seasonal delicacies.

Programme up to 20 21-50 51-80 81-110
LEOPOLD DELUXE 2.070,- 3.790,- 5.040,- 6.350,-
LEOPOLD SPECIAL 1.870,- 3.190,- 4.510,- 5.850,-
LEOPOLD CLASSIC 1.670,- 2.690,- 3.710,- 4.750,-

Guided tours out of the opening times are also available without catering:

LEOPOLD TOUR             910,- 1.390,- 1.750,- 2.050,-

All fees excl. 20% VAT

Booking conditions
• Service: MOTTO Catering – high-class dining and drinks in season
• Guided tour 1 hour and catering max. 1 hour
• Starting at 6pm or 6.30pm, chronological order guided tour/catering as you please
• LEOPOLD TOUR: guided tour for 1 hour starts between 6pm and 7pm

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