The Hour of Birth

7th July to 4th September 2017

Alfred Kubin’s (1877–1959) early oeuvre, which he created until around 1906, illustrates in an almost prophetic manner two extremes of the 20th century: the effacement of the individual within the masses and, by contrast, the solitude of individuals thrown back onto themselves and unable to find their place in Modernity. In his phantasmagoric novel “The Other Side” published in 1909, years before the formation of modern dictatorships, the artist painted a vivid picture of the relationship between charismatic rulers and devout followers doomed to unsatisfactorily end in chaos. Thus, Kubin’s work has lost none of its relevance for the 21st century. This is the first time since 2002 that the Leopold Museum, which houses the third-largest Kubin collection in the world, will present a high concentration of treasures from all periods of the artist’s oeuvre.


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