Leopold Museum: Conference volume on the successful 1st Egon Schiele Symposium released

The Leopold Museum has published a volume on the first Egon Schiele Symposium (29th and 30th September 2016) containing all the talks given at this extensive conference on the oeuvre of the eminent Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele (1890—1918).

Through the release of the publication, the Leopold Museum’s Director and editor of the volume Hans-Peter Wipplinger wants to facilitate an in-depth study of the various issues discussed at the conference: “With its largest and most eminent Schiele collection in the world, along with the Schiele Documentation Center and the Schiele Autograph Database, the Leopold Museum is ideally placed to host encounters and discussions on the subject of Egon Schiele”, according to Wipplinger. He explained that, unlike at any other venue, the theoretical approaches to the topic could be verified by means of the chronologically presented originals found in the permanent collection at the museum.

The publication opens with Hans-Peter Wipplinger’s introductory words and the critical speech delivered by the art theoretician Bazon Brock at the beginning of the symposium. Enriched with numerous illustrations and further comprising all the talks given on the second day of the conference by experts including Matthias Haldemann, the director of the Kunsthaus Zug, and the philosopher Allan Janik, chairman of the Wittgenstein Initiative, the book invites readers to discover the various approaches that were discussed at the Leopold Museum. The extremely well-attended event shone the spotlight on the diverse facets of Egon Schiele’s oeuvre, including Schiele as a draftsman, as a painter and as an artist documenting himself in the medium of photography.

A date has already been set for the 2nd Egon Schiele Symposium, which is to be held on Thursday, 9th November and Friday, 10th November 2017 at the Leopold Museum. Hans-Peter Wipplinger: “Jane Kallir, one of the most renowned researchers on Schiele of her generation, has agreed to deliver the opening address. She will be providing fascinating insights into the role played by her grandfather, the art historian and gallery owner Otto Kallir-Nirenstein, who – like Rudolf Leopold after him – worked all his life towards making Egon Schiele’s art known around the world.”

As with the 1st Egon Schiele Symposium, the findings of the current research on Schiele are to be presented and discussed in an open and diverse manner. The topics raised will range from Schiele’s influence on the oeuvre of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, via convergences and (non-)relations between Egon Schiele and Sigmund Freud to the contextualization of Schiele’s work in the society of the declining Habsburg Empire.

Hans-Peter Wipplinger (ed.), 1st Egon Schiele Symposium at the Leopold Museum

Conference volume on the 1st Egon Schiele Symposium at the Leopold Museum, 29th and 30th September 2016, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Leopold Museum Private Foundation, Vienna, 2017, 152 pages, 66 illustrations, ISBN 978-3-9504025-5-1, available at the Leopold Museum Shop for 24.90 Euros.

Authors: Bazon Brock, Carla Carmona Escalera, Ralph Gleis, Matthias Haldemann, Allan Janik, Stefan Kutzenberger, Elisabeth Leopold, Sonja Niederacher, Franz Smola

For detailed information on the symposium, please visit: http://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20161005_OTS0217/


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