TRISHA BROWN’s Man Walking Down the Side of a Building

“[Trisha Brown is a] master of simplicity with a dose of humor. The idea of a line, and the endless possibilities of how it could be assembled and dissolved, was a theme in [her early] work.” (NY Times)

Trisha Brown’s exploration of choreography – among others with the Judson Dance Theatre – gave wings to innovation in postmodern dance. She narrated movements in a more subtle, more relaxed way, with spatial clarity, and facilitated new perceptions between body, time and space. Like her contemporaries, Brown in particular explored everyday movements, which were reconfigured in new contexts: someone steps across the ridge of a building’s roof, their foot over the abyss, then in apparent everyday normality, against gravity, to walk down the facade of building. The radical shift in the body-gravity relationship draws attention to the mechanics of walking: 

“The paradox of one action working against another is very interesting to me, and is illustrated by ‘Man Walking Down the Side of a Building’, where you have gravity working one way on the body and my intention to have a naturally walking person working in another way.” (Trisha Brown)

With their gaze facing upwards, the audience is challenged by the contradictions that ensnare one in magical speculation like the rabbit out of the hat. The movements flow through the bodies like water – also in the other Early Works from the In Plain Site repertoire, which the Trisha Brown Dance Company shows and with which it travels the world within the meaning of their founder to infuse public space with art. They remain true to Brown’s experimental concepts, choose the performances with regard to the interaction with a venue in the open air – far from the limitation of a fixed stage. So too for 24 September, when the Tanzquartier Wien season opens with a fine selection from Trisha Brown’s Early Works and the audience will be seduced into a parcours through the architecture of MuseumsQuartier Wien.

Saturday, September 24th, 5:30pm 


In cooperation with MuseumsQuartier Wien
In cooperation with Tanzquartier Wien


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