Long Night at the Leopold Museum: Master Drawings, Visual Art and Art Book Sale

Classic artistic drawings – Mlenek’s live drawing performance – Art meets Mirror Head


Vienna (OTS) –Masters of 20th and 21st-century art from Klimt to Rainer are at the centre of the Leopold Museum’s diverse programme of events for the 2014 Long Night of Museums. And this year, as well, the MQ-based museum—a perennially popular destination on such Long Nights—is preparing to host several thousand guests.

From Klimt to Rainer:Line & Shape shows highlights of drawn art

Beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday, 4 October, the exhibition Line & Shape will present distinctive highlights of artistic drawings from Austria.100 drawings by the masters will unite the best work of figures including Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Kubin & Co. and ranging all the way to Arnulf Rainer and Hannes Mlenek (*1949), who has developed a performance specifically for the Long Night.

Mlenek meets pocblic

Inspired by a live free jazz melange by the formation “pocblic”, Hannes Mlenek will spend the Long Night realising large-format chalk drawings on location, in the middle of his installation Seismogramm der Erregung, which he created specifically for the exhibition Line & Shape.This work provides his performance with something like a natural stage.The ambience is also a special source of inspiration for the musicians, of course. pocblic are three sound artists who have been working together since the 1980s: Wolfgang Burger (git/bass), Christoph Posch (drums) and Franz Wunderl (git/bass). “Spontaneous improvisation” is pocblic’s raison d’être:not songs, but rather reflection on that which has been created gives rise to the sound of this “sound collective without a predetermined direction”.

The various performances begin at ca. 7, 8, 9 and 10 p.m. on Level 2.

Raffle for an original Mlenek drawing

During the Long Night, visitors to the Leopold Museum will have the opportunity to take part in a raffle for an original drawing by Hannes Mlenek.Take advantage of this unique opportunity by adding your name to the participants’ list during the performance!The winner of the drawing will be informed following the Long Night.

The installation Seismogramm der Erregung

Hannes Mlenek’s installation Seismogramm der Erregung [Seismograph of Excitation] for the exhibition Line & Shape provides the impressive backdrop for his performance.A massive sculptural Drawing Hand gives way to the line-patterns of Mlenek’s Fragmented Bodies.The artist is excited to be here, surrounded by great names and able to involve himself with his artist-colleagues.And the force of Mlenek’s own strokes would almost suggest this work to be something like a contemporary interpretation of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.Mlenek:“The master’s main tool is not the pencil nor the piece of chalk, but the human hand.”Mlenek’s drawings will be painted over following the exhibition’s conclusion.The temporary character of his work is a significant component of this intervention, which is conceived not as an object, but rather as a reaction to and interpretation of the exhibition.

Art versus Mirror Head:A tribute to Giacometti

The Leopold Museum team is looking forward to an exceptional kind of “creative fireworks”:this year’s Long Night will be a night of spectacular effects.The museum building’s façade will be festively decorated with Schiele’s Sitting Girl, the title motif of the exhibition Line & Shape.But there will be special visual impressions inside the building, as well.A visual art projection in the Leopold Museum’s atrium will serve to fittingly showcase the work of Alberto Giacometti,to whom the MQ-based museum will be devoting an unusual upcoming exhibition entitled Alberto Giacometti. Modernist Pioneer (to open 16 October!).The light installation by Dynamic Projection, entitled Mirror Head, will project breathtaking light-images onto the walls of the imposing hall and whet one’s appetite for more!And as an additional surprise, each museum visitor will be able to take home a free poster for the Giacometti exhibition as long as supplies last (projection begins at 6 p.m., Level 0).

Night-time flea market:exhibition catalogues & more at special prices

The Leopold Museum Shop will once again be inviting Long Night guests to do some late-night shopping.The shop’s book flea market will offer distinctive exhibition catalogues, art books and exhibition posters at unbeatable discounts.

“Klimt & Schiele surprise” – Spontaneous insights into art ca. 1900. Performances with Maria Pavlova and Markus Schön

Amidst the Leopold Museum’s unique permanent collections, art experts Maria Pavlova and Markus Schön will spend the Long Night presenting spontaneous and surprising insights into the world of Klimt and Schiele in the museum’s “Vienna 1900” section. While Markus Schön will play the role of Gustav Klimt, Maria Pavlova will embody the “muse” who sweeps us off into the world of Egon Schiele.


“From the Life of Gustav Klimt” – with Markus Schön

Words of introduction by Maria Pavlova

Markus Schön transforms himself into Gustav Klimt, writing postcards and reporting on “his” life, “his” art and “his” travels.

7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., Klimt Lounge, Level 4, duration of each performance ca. 10–15 minutes


“The Lyricist”:Poems by Egon Schiele, recited by his “muse” – with Maria Pavlova

Words of introduction by Markus Schön

Maria Pavlova takes on the role of a “muse” of Egon Schiele.This muse will peer into a mirror and recite poems by Schiele before her own image,thus bringing forth a relationship between the image and its model:the reflection hence becomes the image,and “in this reflection, the spirit of Schiele will take form.”

8, 9 and 10 p.m., Schiele Saal, Level 0, duration of each performance ca. 10–15 minutes

...and then we dance ’til dawn:DJ-Line at Café Leopold

The night will still be young following the official conclusion of the Long Night of Museums (at 1 a.m.), as one can conclude from the “Salon Leopold” DJ line-up.Beginning at 10 p.m., the MuseumsQuartier hotspot will shine in its full glory with DJs, live music and visual art until the early morning hours.The finest danceable music will be served up by the ladies and gents of READY2RUMBLE with their top-notch selection of URBAN ELECTRONICS and JAMAICAN VIBEZ on two floors.The programme in the Salon itself will begin with SPACE ECHO, one of Austria’s most important acts when it comes to sophisticated house.With a DJ set, caTekk will showcase the works of Space Echo as well as his own personal musical taste, according to the motto “Everybody Dance Now”.The Salon will also feature funk and house with PHILDRUM from the Funkroom Crew and residents DOUBLE TROUBLE.And in the café, TOBIAS (G-Spot Sound), DIAZ (OSF), MAKAI (Irie Sound) & MR. FETE (R2R) will set the dance floor aglow with dancehall, reggae and mash-ups,while guests’ eyes will be tickled with tastefully innovative visuals by the notoriously popular DORNRÖSCHEN visuals team.

Salon Leopold, Lounge Level 1 (music from 7 p.m.) and Café Leopold, Level 2 (from 10 p.m.)

The Long Night of Museums at the Leopold Museum

Exhibition: Line &Shape. 100 Master Drawings from the Leopold Collection.

Performance by Hannes Mlenek & pocblic

Klimt & Schiele performances with Maria Pavlova and Markus Schön
Permanent Collection: Schiele –highlights from world’s largest and most important collection of works by Schiele

Permanent Collection: Vienna 1900

Permanent Collection: Interwar Period (Expressionism to New Objectivity)

Exhibition: A Visual Memory of “Viennese Society”: Franz Xaver Setzer’s Portrait Photographs.

From Stefan Zweig to Arnold Schönberg, from Grete Wiesenthal to Maria Jeritza

Leopold Museum Shop:Late Night Shopping at the book flea market

DJ line at Salon Leopold (Cafe Leopold)



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