Leopold Museum presents Schiele Cube in Trieste

Mayor Roberto Cosolini opened the 33-day "Salotto.Vienna"on the weekend

Vienna (OTS) – 500 guests attended opening night

The experiment "Salotto.Vienna", realized under the auspices of the MAK with curator Jürgen Weishäupl, was met with keen interest on its first weekend. The opening was held at the Trieste fish market hall, dating back to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and situated right at the central sailboat marina, and the celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning. The Mayor of Trieste Roberto Cosolini and the representative of the city of Vienna Ernst Woller welcomed around 500 guests, including numerous cultural managers and artists from both cities. Among the guests from Vienna were the patron and director of the MAK Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, LeopoldMuseum Director Peter Weinhäupl, Art for Art managing director Josef Kirchberger, the managing director of the Austrian Film Academy Marlene Ropac with project manager Barbara Lindner (Austrian film prize) as well as Eva Fischer, founder and artistic director of the festival sound:frame. Other Austrian attendees included the gallery owner Ursula Grinzinger and the artists Marko Lulic, Julius Deutschbauer and Manfred Bockelmann. The exhibition project will be held until mid-September and will feature contributions from around 100 artists and institutions.

Egon Schiele loved traveling to Trieste

The much-admired contribution from the LeopoldMuseum shown on the opening night consisted of a multimedia "SchieleCube" measuring four by four meters and featuring 30 eminent selenographies of Egon Schiele’s best drawings as well as quotes from Schiele’s letters that illustrate his enthusiasm for the city of Trieste:

Letter from Egon Schielein Trieste to Arthur Roessler in Vienna, 07.09.1913 "Here I am again at the best café in this hotel; it has an exclusively international clientele, very interesting; the whole place is generously furnished. – Outside is the blue sea, gray, pink, lilac and green dusty stones, a tram with big, flowing curtains and colorful people within. – Yesterday I drew some fishing boats at the fishing boats’ marina and also painted outside; it is strange how one can bring forth the noblest shades from the mixture on the palette. [...] The steamer Carpatia is anchored here at the harbor. – I would like to draw some cowering Italians, – but I am afraid that once they are aware of being sketched, they will assume an unnatural pose. [...] Wally has just gone to Vienna and I to Trieste. I have seen unbelievable things. Will you come? [...] Here, you can achieve in eight days what you would achieve in Vienna in a year."

Letter from Egon Schielein Trieste to Anton Peschka in Vienna, early May 1912 "[...] it is of the utmost necessity that you finally come to visit Trieste! Here, you can put on an exhibition immediately, the people here are completely different and there is an international audience! You and I would put on this exhibition. – I am currently sitting at the café of this new large hotel at the pier; it is teeming with noble, pure, luscious colors, – tremendous! – Once I have gotten some money, I will come back here and will write to you before you come about everything I have seen here, now I am going to work. Kindest regards, Egon. I have much to write to you, all of a painterly nature."  


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