The permanent Exhibition


Dr. Diethardt Leopold, the curator of the permanent exhibition „Vienna 1900“, is psychotherapist, Japanese bowman, son of the collector Prof. Rudolf Leopold and familiar with the art objects of his parents from his earliest years like hardly anyone else.

Besides paintings of the Viennese secessionist movement and the Austrian expressionist movement, he also presents design of the Wiener Werkstätte on the entire fourth floor of the museum, which encompasses furniture, silver, glass and also jewellery. But especially there are major works by Gustav Klimt, Richard Gerstl, Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele exhibited. However, the presentation is not restricted to visual arts of this so fruitful and intensive period of the capital city of the k.u.k. monarchy, but puts the works in a further-sighted context: the influence of psychoanalyses, the history of the city and the openness to non-European and international currents.

As an exciting and inspiring searching game, Dr. Diethard Leopold confronted the highlights of Viennese „fin de siècle“-art with objects from other contexts. Although these objects do not appertain to them, they partially fit in so well that they cannot be distinguished. An exciting mystery tour through the world of "fin de siècle" Vienna is guaranteed.

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